Friday, July 24, 2009

A Terminator looking for Salvation...


Well if Salvation was something you can obtain from just watching then this year's Terminator Salvation/T4 was in desperate need of some good old preaching and laying on of hands. Ha I took it there! Anyway, T4 was in my opinion a over hyped and underwhelming piece of... well lets just move on with the review.

T1 and T2 were some of my favorite movies growing up they shaped my view on things and if I ever met my future self with my past self I would probably say to myself "come with me if you want to live."

Its not that T4 was all that bad in and of it self, its just that I really had a issue with the shallowness of the characters and whats up with those huge robots that rattle and shake the ground when they move. I mean like do you really think they were effective at being "gatherers" it takes them "7 years in Tibet" to move. Its like if it can't grab you in time it gets frustrated and blast you with these ridiculously large guns. Oh wait and if you really piss it off by running away, it launches these motor bike looking TCRs (Terminator Crotch Rockets) to try and run you over instead. Which reminds me that just because it looks cool is not a good enough reason if it makes no sense story wise. Like a lot of things in this movie. At least the T-1000 made sense from a certain point of view...right?

The things about the movie that kept my interest the most were those pirate looking, Gatlin gun tooting T-600s with their drunken walk and of course Marcus, who I believe is the ONLY redeemable quality of the whole film. It was easier believing Marcus than Connor.

So in retrospect, Terminator Salvation struggles with the the question of whether or not a murderer can find true redemption and forgiveness. That's the major driving force that propels the action forward. Can we be redeemed from a mortal sin? Can a lost soul find meaning again? As in the case of Marcus who in the end...well I guess you gonna have to judge for yourself.

Out of respect for T1 and T2 who have come before with the exception of the Sacrilege that was T3 (who would've received a FINGER rating), I have to give Terminator Salvation a HANDSHAKE rating. They could of made the same movie for a whole lot less and made a whole lot more money.

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  1. thanks, your review helped me decide not to see it. I was never a huge fan of the earlier movies anyway.

    Isn't it interesting that this series shares a significant concern about articial intelligence with other movies such as the Matrix, and the BAttlestar Gallactica series? There was also the Borg on Star Trek 2nd Gen.

    It seems to me that humanity is working out a collective unconscious fear about the pace of technological development. Fear of losing our humanity.

  2. Thanks for the review..I guess I'll have much more fun reading the book in braile!

  3. come on Carlos ... we are waiting for another review! How about Inglorious Bastards or something? of (shudder) the Final Destination?